KYKHAIR Glamour Book


KYKHAIR Glamour Book


This book has been created by a young talented Melbourne Hair stylist Kristina Youssef. It has been designed to help individuals with basic and advanced hairstyling knowledge.

It goes through vital tricks of the trade which most stylists should know or learn to help them achieve the best styling results.
It also outlines how to use certain tools, tools which artists may forget or not know how to use especially when creating certain styles.

It also teaches you how to create your OWN HAIR PADDING! The book will teach you how to easily create the padding you need so you can make your own!!

Most importantly it entails a descriptive process on how to achieve 15 of the most sought after hairstyles requested in salons. Some of the most trending styles are taught in this book and this will help you achieve those glamorous hairstyles that clients desire when looking for hollywood inspiration and ideas. How to create that perfect defined vintage wave is also one of the 15 styles taught in this book. Inspired by looks from all over the world and from the rich and the famous find out exactly how to master the process. A simple guide will help you achieve that accomplishment.

Gain the confidence you need withhair styling by learning exactly how to achieve them. Learn how to create some glamorous styles and use the book as a reference to give clients ideas to choose from.

Have you heard of The Doll house? Zachary the label? Alin Le Kal ? See some of their amazing gowns, dresses and outfits for your next Big Event.

Not only do we show you how to create hairstyles but we also have a breakdown of makeup products used on each model for makeup inspiration and ideas. Melbourne's finest makeup artists have transformed these models to give you some amazing before and after glamorous makeup looks.

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This is a huge investment if you are a stylist or hairdresser or makeup artist that also does hair as you are getting ALOT OF VALUE in these books.
In a workshop you pay $350+ and only learn a handful of styles that you may or may not remember! You can always refer back to these books and even if you learn a handful of new styles, then you will make a lot more money recreating it on clients then you spent on purchasing it.

We do not exchange or refund so revise your purchase before confirming.

Love always KYK
Stay Amazing

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KYKHAIR Glamour Book