Brazilian cacau keratin hair straightening treatment is a relaxer that helps to reduce frizz and treat the hair follicle. It is not permanent straightening it does not leave the hair dead straight because it is not chemical based. 

Brazilian cacau keratin is a herbal treatment imported from Brazil. The advantage of this treatment is that it will help straighten out waves or curls leaving it straighter. Depending on how well the hair accepts the treatment it sometimes leaves the hair very straight but of course all results vary. 

Keratin does not damage the hair and does not make the hair fall out.  Volume and body are a result of frizz and flyaways and thickness of the hair shaft. As this treatment minimises the frizz and relaxes the hair shaft, it may seem that the hair is less in volume however its just the results of the treatment smoothening out the hair follicle.

Keratin is a protein and therefore will help strengthen the hair shaft. The objective of this is to come out of the shower, brush the hair and dry it off. Keratin is heat activated and so drying it off even with your fingers will leave it alot straighter. Some results may not require a hair straightener, while others may require a quick touch up of 5-15 minutes of ironing.  

The treatment will last approx 10-16 weeks depending on your maintenance and aftercare. We do not recommend being in contact with hair bleach, chlorine or salty water as these factors can contribute to the keratin breaking down faster.

Note: This treatment is not recommended for anyone pregnant or breast feeding.