KYK (Kristina Youssef Kreations) was founded by Kristina Youssef; a young, talented and ambitious woman, whose dream was to be a hair stylist. Having been born to and raised by parents of an ethnic background, the idea of hairstyling as a career was forbidden, and therefore not an option. This lead Kristina to complete a Bachelor of Social Work at Latrobe University, in order to conform to her parents' and her cultures' expectations. 
This meant that the hairstyling dream could be no more than a hobby, performed on her friends and family from the bedroom of her western suburbs family home.
However this hobby ignited her passion for hairstyling even further and soon made this young self-taught talent realise that she could turn her dream into reality by making hairstyling her career and the air that she breathes. 

As Kristina's determination to achieve this goal escalated rapidly, despite all the challenges that she confronted, so too did her clients and referrals. 

Before she knew it, it happened - what seemed like an impossible dream turned into reality when KYK was created! 

Ten years on and KYK is proud to be known as one of Melbourne's leading stylists who has provided hairstyling services all over Australia and is well known for her attention to detail, intricate hairstyles, and on-point hairstyling. 

KYK has worked on Australian celebrity and health and fitness ambassador Ashy Bines, Famous International Makeup Artist Lilit, Australian Model Tanya Alijani, The Bacheor AU (Season 3) Runnerup Lana Jeavons and many others alike. 
KYK is recognised by Melbourne's leading designers and works in collaboration with: The Doll House, Zachary The Label, VIVID Dresses, Annette of Melbourne, Raffaele Ciuca Bridal/ Berta Bridal, Judith Valente Couture & Alin Le Kal. 

KYK believes that as long as you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains. Hard work always pays off and if you have a passion than follow your heart and pursue it, because KYK done exactly that and here she is today! 


Stay amazing 

Love KYK